Welcome to Osool Integrated Real Estate Company. Osool was established in April 2022 by the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) to manage its local real estate portfolio. Osool merged GOSI’s legacy managing agents and took over the responsibility to manage GOSI local real estate portfolio (Jawda, Raza, and GOSI’s Property Management Department). GOSI’s real estate portfolio includes more than 30 real estate assets, including commercial, residential, retail, and hospitality across the Kingdom. Osool’s remit is to improve real estate asset management services and to create a unique model in the local and regional industry through increasing operational efficiency and applying the highest service, sustainability, security, safety, and environmental standards, all of which will drive improving our customer’s experience. From the first day of its launch, Osool has been working hard to achieve its vision focusing on enhancing operational capabilities and reflecting the best international models and standards. To achieve this, Osool seeks to attract highly specialized and ambitious, and highly capable national and international talent to achieve the company’s vision, goals, and values, characterized by efficiency, responsibility, excellence, and building strategic relationships with its customers and all stakeholders.



As CEO of Osool, I am delighted to announce the establishment of this new entity in April 2022. The consolidation of GOSI portfolio management under one entity will improve portfolio performance and decision employees from GOSI, al as a leader in asset, property, and facilities management, establishing new standards in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 goals.